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Low Height Air Handler (RHXT/RHXP)

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Low Height Air Handler (RHXT/RHXP)

Low Height Air Handler (RHXT/RHXP)

Standard Features

  • High efficiency ECM motor
  • Drain pan has 3/4" NPT primary an secondary (overflow) fittings
  •  240V motor, 24V control
  • Factory installed electric heat (up to 10kW) (except 0 kW models)
  • Highly efficient copper tube/aluminum fin cooling coil with factory installed R-410A TXV (non-bleed type)
  • Insulated and coated galvanized steel drain pan, sloped for positive drainage
  • Effective January 2016, Cabinet air leakage is no more than 2% when tested in accordance with ASHRAE 193.

Optional Features

  • Attractive off-white return air/access panel with captive screws. They can be used with either the non-enclosed RXHT or the TXHT with a field or factory installed enclosure.
  • IAQ filter panels
  • Field installed enclosure. All enclosures are fully insulated and include cutouts for optional ducted return air. Ducted return air option requires remote filter-grille.
  • Heat pump kit - required for all models having electric heat (#942-1)
  • Condensate overflow switch (# SS3) (field installed)
  • Enclosure "Cap Kit" - for ceiling installation 




  • X-13 (ECM) Motor
  • Efficiencies up to 16 SEER


  • PSC Motor
  • Efficiencies up to 14.5 SEER 



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