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80% AFUE 2-Stage Upflow/Horizontal (W802T)

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80% AFUE 2-Stage Upflow/Horizontal (W802T)

80% AFUE 2-Stage Upflow/Horizontal (W802T)
  • 80% residential Gas Furnace CSA certified
  • Two stages of operation to save energy and maintain optimal comfort level.
  • Constant Torque Electrically Commutated motor
  • 3 way multi poise design UF / HZ
  • Diagnostics — 7 Segment LED all units
  • Ignition System – DSI for reliability and longevity
  • Heat exchanger is removable for improved serviceability. Aluminized steel construction provides maximum corrosion resistance and thermal fatigue reliability.
  • Solid doors provide quiet operation
  • Solid bottom
  • Insulated blower compartment
  • Low profile 34" cabinet ideal for space constrained installations
  • Blower shelf design – serviceable in all furnace orientations
  • Hemmed edges on cabinets and doors
  • 1/4 turn door knobs for tool less access
  • Integrated Control board features dip switches for easy system set up
  • QR code for quick access to product information from your smart phone or tablet  
  • Three way multi poise design
  • Constant Torque Electrically Commutated Motor
  • Input rates 50-150 kBTU  


W802T (upflow/horizontal)

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